GHMC fines Paradise Secunderabad Rs 3L for illegal advertisements

By Anusha Puppala  Published on  3 Sep 2020 12:24 PM GMT
GHMC fines Paradise Secunderabad Rs 3L for illegal advertisements

Hyderabad: The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation(GHMC) imposed a fine of Rs 3 lakh on Paradise, Secunderabad for the erection of illegal advertisements on Thursday. The enforcement, Vigilance and Disaster Management (EVDM) wing of GHMC fined Paradise for the erection of an unauthorized advertisement element above 15 feet height from the ground level.

On Thursday, complainant Umesh Kumar tweeted to the EDVM team whether it's legal to erect illegal advertisements. Within two hours the EDVM team registered the complaint and generated an E-Challan, whilst imposing a fine against Paradise Secunderabad.

The violators have erected illegal advertisements without any permission from the competent authorities which is an offense Committed under section 420,421of GHMC ACT and as per GO MS No. 68 dated April 20, 2020, stated EV & DM in the E-Challan.

According to the Directorate of EV & DM, Erection of advertisements, Displayed painted advertisements, Use of Flashing lights or Non-static illumination in the advertisements, size of advertisements or name board exceeding 15 percent of the frontage of the building, Use of Moving, Rotating or Variable message Advertising Devices, Operating an Advertisement element without valid Structural Stability Certificate, Advertisement is placed in a manner of any additional board, structure or projection ion the body of the vehicle/Use of Illuminated advertisements with brightness more than the allowed limit without any written permission from the competent authority is am offense committed under the 420, 421 sections of GHMC act.

Mr. Srikhande Umesh Kumar, Founder of Know Your Rights and Consumer rights activist told Newsmeter, "Many illegal erections of advertisements are there in GHMC limits. Hope, they impose heavy penalties which deter others to erect hoardings/flexes/Advertisement boards. People should come forward and file complaints with the EV& DM. The EV&DM department responded immediately to my complaint and imposed a fine of Rs 3 Lakh against Paradise Secunderabad".

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