GHMC gifts new life to disabled teenager

By Aiswarya Sriram  Published on  10 Nov 2019 9:39 AM GMT
GHMC gifts new life to disabled teenager

Hyderabad: Contrary to general perception, there is a hugely appreciable humane side to those working in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC).

Belonging to this noble category is Chandanagar Division Executive Engineer Chinna Reddy, whose chance visit to the GHMC Transfer Station and his meeting with Raju, a garbage van driver with the civic body, brought forth Mr Reddy’s humble humanness towards those in suffering.

Hemanth, the 14-year-old rag-picker son of Raju, caught the attention of Mr Chinna Reddy because, being without a hand and leg, he presented a sombre sight.

Moved by the pathetic plight of Hemanth, Mr Reddy instantly decided to help the boy out with whatever he could. At his behest, the boy is being provided with prosthetic limbs and GHMC officials have duly enrolled him in the nearby Miyapur government school.

Mr Reddy said, “I was moved when I saw that, despite the handicap, the boy was helping his father. As a rag-picker, I was told that he would come to the transfer station every day. I thought that we should help him.”

They arranged a treatment for him at Kakatiya Hospital and Foundation, where he will be fitted with prosthetic limbs. On its part, the hospital management has offered to treat Hemanth for free

The GHMC has also secured him an admission for Hemanth at Vagneya School for physically challenged at Hayatnagar for the next academic year.

The grateful Raju, speaking to NewsMeter, said, “My son was born without a leg and hand. While we were in our village (Chippagiri Mandalam in Kurnool district) he studied till fifth standard, but after shifting to Miyapur we were not able to send him to school. I am indebted to Reddy Sir and his staff.”

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