GHMC silent as realtors ‘sell’ Hussainsagar ‘plots’

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  1 Feb 2020 7:27 AM GMT
GHMC silent as realtors ‘sell’ Hussainsagar ‘plots’


  • Land being sold at Rs 35,000 per sq.yd
  • Land-sharks take over ten acres of prime land

Hyderabad: An illegal layout that emerged in the purview of full tank level (FTL) of Hussainsagar Lake is indicative of the negligence of official mechanism over government land encroachments in the heart of the city.

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) lodged a complaint with the police station over the illegal real estate activity in the Hussainsagar Lake, aka Tank Bund, purview and one that exposes the soft corner for the realtors engaged in such an activity, said an observer.

About 300 plots spread over 10 acres in the FTL purview of Tank Bund have reportedly been sold. The location of the 10 acres is on the backwater area of the lake. Incidentally, the encroached land is the precise point from where Kukatpally nala enters the lake.

"Generally, the Irrigation Department of GHMC should protect tanks from encroachments. The Hussainsagar backwater area is visible from the office of the civic body. Why are the officials silent over the open encroachment in the heart of Hyderabad? So far, no action was taken against the illegal layout, which is valued at over Rs 300 crore. Each plot is sold for more than Rs 35,000 per square yard," said the market observer.

Adding to the woes, not only has construction activity is progress on the illegal layout; they have been provided electricity and water connections as well. It makes one wonder why the officials are silent over the construction activity.

The layout falls under the FTL purview of the lake, according to the draft map prepared by North Tanks Division and I & CAD. But, GHMC Irrigation Department officials remain oblivious of the land-shark’s daylight crime.

Save Our Urban Lakes co-founder Lubna Sarwat wrote to High Court Chief Justice, Telangana Revenue Department, GHMC and HMDA.

The nexus of officials and realtors is reportedly bolstering individuals to go about encroachment. Whoever dares to complaint about encroachments with the police or GHMC, the realtors immediately come to know of the persons. The nefarious realtors influence the GHMC and police department officials and ensure that the illegal structures are not brought down.

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