Vijaywada: Doctors of the Vijayawada government hospital denied treatment to a girl patient who is suffering from multiple birth disorders. The girl, G. Jahnavi and her mother, G.SwarnaLatha complained to the AP state governor requesting action be taken against the doctors and also requested treatment for her daughter.

According to the complaint made by the mother of the patient, the father of the girl is also working as a senior assistant in the same hospital. Jahnavi was born in 2000 and from birth has been suffering from multi located hydro capalus along with mental disabilities. Since birth, the girl has been bedridden. Medical officers also issued a disability certificate with ID No: 0607984090000043. Subsequently, in 2004 when she gained maturity, she developed a gynaecology related disease.

The then professor and head of the department, K.Prabha Devi had provided treatment for the girl. Later, when she was denied medical treatment, the AP Administrative Tribunal and the APAT issued orders with OA No: 4036 of 2005 directing the doctors of the Vijayawada government hospital to provide treatment. But the MD in the gynaecology department, D.Rajya Laxmi, denied her treatment and later shifted the girl to the medical wing stating that they would provide her with better treatment.

“Due to the denial of medical treatment, I am unable to see the pain of my daughter. The doctors at the government hospital are misbehaving with my child also, so I am requesting you to allow me the mercy of killing my daughter,” requested the mother of the girl.

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