Godavari on the rise, Krishna remains steady

By Durga Ramesh  Published on  8 Sep 2019 9:39 AM GMT
Godavari on the rise, Krishna remains steady

Vijayawada: The river Godavari is rising again as water from the upper catchment areas is being released due to the heavy floods. The two Telugu states have been put on high alert. Officials are closely monitoring the inflows from the upper catchment areas and accordingly releasing water to the lower areas.

As water-levels reached above 48 feet in the Bhadrachalam dam a second-level warning was issued. At Dowaleswaram barrage inflows are 10,14,016 cusecs per second. A first-level warning was issued and officials are releasing the same amount of water from the dam.

Water-levels at Kunavaram and Polavaram dam are also rising; hence a first-level warning was issued.

State Disaster Relief Force (SDRF) teams have been deployed in various areas of the Godavari basin. Two SDSRF teams have been set up at Veeravaram and one team has been deployed at Chinturu.

The river Krishna remains steady, though water flow continues to fill the dams in Telugu states.

Heavy inflows were also recorded as the Narayanapur and Almatti. Sunkesula, Srisailam, Nagarjunasagar, Pulichintala dams received steady inflows, while water level at the Prakasam barrage is rising.

Due to the heavy downpour in the upper catchment areas Vamsadhara and Nagavali rivers are also receiving heavy inflows. Vamsadhara at Gotta barrage has received inflows of 64,255 cusecs per second whereas the outflow is 70,045. A first-level warning has been issued as the water level is rising steadily.

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