Sentinel-1 Imagery reveals how Ganga has fallen and flooded Patna

By Dheeshma  Published on  30 Sep 2019 11:48 AM GMT
Sentinel-1 Imagery reveals how Ganga has fallen and flooded Patna

Patna: Bihar has been flooding since the last four days, and 29 people have already lost their lives while the capital city Patna is the worst affected. Many parts of Patna have already been inundated and are struggling to stay afloat. A GIS & Remote Sensing enthusiast, Pradeep Goud Macharla has visualised the recent Patna floods using SAR imagery for September 11 and September 29. It shows how River Ganga has surged as continuous rainfall lash the region. The image shows the degree to which the river has submerged low lying areas of Patna in four days.

Water entered several buildings on the north side of the Ganga flood protection wall which was constructed after the 1975 floods to protect Patna from flooding. Despite the Patna Regional Development Authority’s (PRDA) restrictions on construction of high-rises beyond the 8.5km-long wall, several multi-storeyed buildings developed on the river bed violated the norm. People who bought these apartments unaware of the ban are in misery today. The rise in Ganga makes these localities in the low lying area more vulnerable to floodwater.

Apart from River Ganga, other rivers like Bagmati, Kosi, Ghagra, Kamalabalan, and Sone are also above the danger level at various places across the state. India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a red warning with a forecast of heavy to very heavy rainfall in the state for Sunday and Monday,

Meanwhile, as the situation in the capital city is getting grimmer, citizens are furious at the lack of preparedness from the state government

“Please save Bihar, shame on your smart city project. No proper drainage system even in smart city Patna,” said, Amritanshu Nihal, a local from Patna.

Meghna, another local from Patna, said, “What is the government doing? Why is it sleeping? The breadwinner and source of the family’s income is underwater.”

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