Hyderabad: A case has been registered against Green Bawarchi and Meridian Restaurant in Hyderabad for violating rules of Legal Metrology. The Forum Against Corruption (FAC) filed a complaint against both restaurants for allegedly charging more than the standard price.

In their complaint, they stated that Green Bawarchi is charging Rs 30 for Rs 25 Thums Up bottle. Sai Teja, a member of FAC, said, “When we questioned this practice, the hotel authorities replied that the extra money is for cooling charges. This practice is quite rampant in the city.”

Based on the complaint, the Legal Metrology Department inspected Hotel Green Bawarchi in Krishna Nagar and Meridian in Punjagutta on September 24. The department filed cases against them for flouting rules and regulations.

“The subjected hotels need to be booked for the violation of Section 18 (2) of Legal Metrology Act, 2009. Also, the restaurant is not providing a bill after purchase, making it difficult for consumers to levy any complaint against them. Bills are a basic right,” Sai Teja added.

The Meridian restaurant is booked for the violation of the section mentioned above. According to FAC, the restaurant charges Rs 30 for a one-litre water bottle, whereas the standard rate is only Rs 20. Moreover, they are also levying GST on top of MRP, the group alleged.

“MRP should be inclusive of GST. However, the hotel charges GST on the MRP, violating both Legal Metrology and GST rules. We request the consumers to start questioning such practices. Else, they will end up being the victim. We must first raise our voice to make the required changes in society,” said Sai Teja.

Anusha Puppala

Anusha Puppala is currently working at NewsMeter. She had earlier worked as a reporter with ANI and The News Minute. Previously, she has worked as a Senior Reporter with the Deccan Chronicle Newspaper, covering education beat. She had briefly associated with the national television channel Tiranga TV as a special correspondent. Anusha has extensively written stories on education, traffic, civic-issues, human-Interesting, off-Beat, consumer issues, health and environment. Hailing from Visakhapatnam, Anusha is a social media buff and a passionate foodie. If not reporting, you will always find her travelling.

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  • Yes it’s right as lots of management’s are beyond expectations and playing with customers who are prime for their business, customers need to question the frauds in controlling and not cheating further.

  • Jarcherla sandarshini hotel where all busses stop for mini eating break,also charge more than mrp on biscuits,chips,icecreams.,if we complain to the cashier he says no we charge only MRP,just beacuse i asked them and what about the poor people who cannot read the price ..kindly take a serious action against them, i tried to complain many times but they asked me to write it on a paper as they know that bus will leave in ten minutes how would i arrange paper and pen,
    As i dont have consumer forrum details,.

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