Green Sainikpuri pitches in with groceries to help feed the poor amid Lockdown

By Anurag Mallick  Published on  29 March 2020 9:58 AM GMT
Green Sainikpuri pitches in with groceries to help feed the poor amid Lockdown

Hyderabad: As the nation goes through a tough phase dealing with the lockdown in order to promote social distancing and reduce the spread of Coronavirus in the state, people are stepping in to help the needy and the poor in this crucial situation.

Members of Green Sainikpuri, a group know for their social and community services have stepped up to make sure the migrant labourers in their area don't starve without food. The group coming forward to help, has collected donations from it's members and bought groceries worth Rs 25,000/- and handed it over to the Corporator of Kapra Division-1, Swarnaraj Shirmoni.

Speaking on the same, Chandrashekar from Green Sainikpuri said, " Our Corporator, Swarnaraj Shirmoni is doing this and other colonies are also stepping up to help. He also provides cooked food to the migrant labourers two times a day. Lunch and dinner. So both cooked food and raw materials are been given. It is for people who can cook their food that the groceries are given and who can't, readymade food is given. They are mostly construction labourers. "

The labourers were also educated on social distancing and take up preventive measures such as hand wash to stay safe. Speaking on this, he said, " Apart from giving them the groceries, we also educated them on social distancing, the main reason behind the lockdown and also to wash hands. "

Speaking more about the services of the corporator in the area, Chandrashekar said, " The Corporator has all the data base of the people. So we are helping him with whatever we can. No money is accepted here. It's only materials that we give. We also welcome the volunteers to help. "

Speaking on whether they have a particular quantity that they help with, he added, " It's all about the requirement. We don't follow any particular target as such. We give how much ever we can and accordingly. Yesterday, it was 25,000/-

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