Hajipur rape case: Accused Marri Srinivas Reddy given death sentence

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  6 Feb 2020 1:42 PM GMT
Hajipur rape case: Accused Marri Srinivas Reddy given death sentence

Hyderabad: The accused in the Hajipur rape case, Marri Srinivas Reddy, was awarded the death sentence on February 6. A court in Nalgonda on Thursday found him guilty in three cases involving minor girls and pronounced the judgement.

Srinivas Reddy is accused of rape, kidnap and murder of three minor girls aged 14,17 and 11 at Hajipur village of Yadadri Bhongir district of Telangana.

According to sources, when the judge asked him about his opinion on the judgement, Srinivas Reddy claimed he was not guilty and fixed in the cases. Further he also said that his elderly parents are dependent on him. As the judge found him guilty and convicted him, Srinivas Reddy broke down in the court.

Technical evidence combined with scientific, circumstantial evidence nailed Srinivas Reddy, leading to his conviction. The evidence of the persons who had seen one of the witnesses last time with Srinivas Reddy also turned vital in the case.

The death penalty awarded by the District court will be forwarded to the High court of Telangana for confirmation. Meanwhile, Srinivas Reddy will have the right to challenge the judgement in the High Court.

The horrifying tales of Srinivas Reddy came into light during the investigation of the fourteen year old girl’s missing case. Her body was found buried in an abandoned agricultural well on the village outskirts owned by Srinivas Reddy’s family. Srinivas Reddy who was in the village during the entire investigation of the missing girl and even searched for her with other villagers, went into hiding after her body was found in the well. This made the police suspicious of him and he was detained. He confessed to having raped and killed the girl. On further inquiry, he confessed to having trapped two girls in a similar way and buried their bodies in the agricultural wells.

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