Hayatnagar murder-mystery solved; police arrests daughter, two others

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  31 Oct 2019 5:23 PM GMT
Hayatnagar murder-mystery solved; police arrests daughter, two others

Hyderabad: The Hayatnagar murder-mystery surrounding 38-year-old Pallerla Rajitha finally concluded with Rachakonda police officially arresting her daughter Keerthi and Kotha Shashikumar. The latter helped her in killing Rajitha and disposing of the body.

Keerthi’s boyfriend Chimmula Balreddy was also arrested for rape and violations under POCSO, as he impregnated Keerthi when she was a minor during mid-2018. Since Shashikumar took advantage of Keerthi’s abortion and forced her to have a physical relationship with him, he was also charged for similar crimes.

Investigative officers found that Shashikumar helped Keerthi to undergo an abortion, and blackmailed her with the fact. He not only demanded Rs 10 lakh for keeping the secret but also sexual favours from her. Though she gave in to his demand for a physical relationship, she could not arrange the amount, due to which he started harassing her in person and over the phone. Seeing no result, Shashikumar suggested Keerthi kill her mother, so that she inherits the property and the money can be shared between them both.

Revealing the details to the media, Rachakonda commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat informed that Keerthi studying BSc Microbiology fell in love with her friend’s brother Balreddy. They convinced their parents for marriage, and as things started taking shape, they started a physical relationship and met on several occasions at Balreddy’s residence. As a result, she became pregnant. Balreddy and Keerthi decided to abort the child, but as she would need rest after the process, she took Shashikumar’s help.

Shashikumar took her to Amangal in Rangareddy district and got her aborted. For the same, Shashikumar informed Keerthi’s mother that they were going for a function. Keerthi returned home two days later after recovering from the procedure.

Later Shashikumar, taking advantage of the secret, threatened to inform her parents about the abortion and forced her into a physical relationship with him. During their intimate moments, he clicked pictures of her on his mobile phone. As days passed, Shashikumar started demanding money from her, and when she refused, he threatened to reveal their relation to Balreddy.

However, as she still could not arrange the money, he instigated Keerthi and made a plan to kill her mother. They initially thought of giving Rajitha sleeping pills in excess quantity, but that plan failed.

Later, he advised Keerthy to sprinkle chilli powder in her mother’s eyes and make her immobile. Accordingly, Keerthi picked up an argument with her mother and sprinkled chilli powder on her. As her mother collapsed on the cot, Shashikumar, who was waiting outside, entered the house. Keerthi sat on Rajitha’s chest and Shashikumar strangulated her. After confirming her death, they dragged her body into the bedroom. Later, they left home with the body inside.

As per Shashikumar’s plan, Keerthi called Balreddy’s father impersonating as Rajitha. She informed him that they went to a hospital for treatment and requested him to allow Keerthi to stay in their house until they returned home. Later Keerthi and Shashikumar tried to hang Rajitha’s body and tried to project it as a suicide, but they failed as the body started decomposing.

They then conceived the idea of disposing the body on nearby railway tracks. Clueless about the local tracks, they wrapped Rajitha’s body in a bedsheet and took it to Tummalagudem near Ramannapet in Yadadri district. They dumped the body on the tracks, and while returning, they purchased petrol and burnt the bedsheet and the rope. After they returned home, they cleaned the murder location as well.

After cleaning, Keerthi went to Balreddy’s home telling them that her mother went to Nalgonda for a medical check-up. She stayed for one week at Balreddy’s residence.

When Keerthi’s relatives asked about Rajitha’s whereabouts and Keerthi’s presence, she would give them wrong information stating that her father would harass her mother. Keerthi also told them that she went to Vizag on tour and returned only after knowing about her mother missing. Furthermore, she lodged a missing person’s complaint with Hayatnagar police.

The police arrested the trio and seized the car and other material used for shifting the body.

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