Heavy Rains: Farmer couple die as toll shed collapses in Mahabubnagar

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  16 May 2020 1:21 PM GMT
Heavy Rains: Farmer couple die as toll shed collapses in Mahabubnagar

Hyderabad: Heavy rain accompanied with winds led to the collapse of an under- construction shed at a toll plaza, killing a couple in Mahabubnagar district on May 16. The victims are identified as Krishnaiah and Pushpa, who were working in the fields near the construction site. The couple had run to the shed, for cover from the sudden heavy rain. As the rain was accompanied by winds, the under construction shed collapsed.

According to sources, the couple are from Midjil in Mahabubnagar. On Saturday, they were working at the fields located in Mannanur village in Midjil, when the rain started. As the rain turned heavy, they ran to the nearby under construction shed, for shelter.

But due to the heavy wings, the erected portion of the shed could not withstand. It further collapsed and came down on the couple standing under it. A few others were also standing under the shed at the time of the incident, but they escaped unhurt. Police rushed to the spot, clear the collapsed shed and shifted the couple’s bodies for postmortem.

In a similar incident ten days ago, the newly constructed shed collapsed at the fruit market at Koheda on Hyderabad outskirts. Around fifteen workers and traders were injured in the mishap, but no fatal injuries were reported.

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