Hello Beer guzzlers! Ahead of New Year TS Govt hikes liquor prices by 10 %

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  16 Dec 2019 2:49 PM GMT
Hello Beer guzzlers! Ahead of New Year TS Govt hikes liquor prices by 10 %


  • On every liquor bottle depending on the brand the price increased is between Rs 20- 80
  • On Beer bottles the price increased is between Rs 10-20
  • The Telangana government is likely to earn between Rs 300-400 Crore after the price increased

Hyderabad: Beer guzzlers and other liquor consumers have to shed 10 per cent more money from Tuesday in Telangana. The Excise Department has hiked the liquor price, to be effective from December 17. The state government took the decision ahead of the New Year to increase the revenue. While breweries and distilleries will not benefit from the price hike, the Telangana state government will make more money out of liquor sales.

Excise officials said that the tax hike applies to all kind of liquor products, due to which Maximum Retail Price (MRP) has gone up. For instance, for the Kingfisher Ultra Large Beer case with 24 units, MRP has been increased from Rs 1,540 to Rs 1,620. Likewise, prices of 2,843 varieties of liquor brands and their products sold in the state will increase by 10 per cent from Tuesday.

While Andhra Pradesh is moving towards prohibition, Telangana’s liquor sales doubled in the past few years. The total revenue from liquor sales in Telangana is currently equal to the entire united Andhra Pradesh before bifurcation. In 2014, liquor revenue was Rs 18,000 crore to Rs 19,000 crore in the united Andhra. However, this year, the target for the Excise Department in Telangana is Rs 20,000 crore. It has already touched Rs 19,000 crore.

Recently, in October, the Excise Department earned Rs 900 crore from the non-refundable application fee for liquor licences. In 2018 in Telangana, liquor shops and bars sold around 2.8 crore cases of liquor and 3.8 crore cartons of beer, from which the state gained Rs 18,000 crore. The revenue is increasing every year.

Meanwhile, in Andhra Pradesh liquor sales have decreased. AP Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy informed the legislative assembly that liquor sales have fallen by 35 per cent. He said that the government banned 43,000 belt shops and permit rooms, as well as 4,380 liquor shops, during N Chandrababu Naidu’s regime, were reduced to 3,456.

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