Here's why Mardaani 2 is grabbing praises from everyone

By Bhavana  Published on  14 Dec 2019 2:16 PM GMT
Heres why Mardaani 2 is grabbing praises from everyone

After a year and a half, actress Rani Mukherjee is back to the big screen with her latest release Mardaani 2. The film, which released on Friday, has been receiving fantastic reviews from audiences and film critics alike. Rani Mukherjee’s fans are super happy and proud of their star for choosing to do a film, cited as the “best woman-centric film of 2019”. Directed by Gopi Puthran and produced by Aditya Chopra under Yash Raj films, this film is a sequel to the original, which released in 2014.

Rani Mukherjee plays Shivani Shivaji Roy, a top cop who takes up the case of a ruthless young serial killer who rapes young women before savagely murdering them. The way Shivani arrests him before he kills another woman is what made the film a big hit. Besides, the powerful dialogues, representing the reality of our country, and how Shivani punishes the killer provided for some hair-raising moments in the film.

Narration is critical to any film, as it slowly takes the audience into the film’s mood. The opening credits and storytelling are a space safe, and filmmakers always make sure they get them right so that the pace is maintained throughout the film. Gopi Puthran made it very clear through the credits that he is someone who doesn’t want his audiences to feel comfortable because the core of his movie is empathetic. Moreover, the reality of the country makes our women afraid, especially after a few gruesome rape and murder cases that have happened recently.

Mardaani 2’s opening causes discomfort for the viewer, as the movie opens with rape in progress. The film also displays statistics related to sexual assaults perpetrated by underage individuals in its initial sequences.

This film has been made out of anger, as that is the crucial point in popular conversations on women’s safety in India. A police officer, when angry, is giving vent to people’s sense of helplessness. Mardaani 2 makes it clear that instant justice should be done to stop rapes in the country, and the message is loud and forceful.

Almost a year ago, in an interview, Rani said that women should beat up men, harass them, and stand up for themselves. In Mardaani 2, she clearly showed what she meant.

Mardaani released at the perfect time, especially after the rape and murder of the 26-year-old Hyderabad vet, and the kind of justice India wants to hear. Mardaani 2 doesn’t let viewers forget it, especially reminding us that under-aged boys in India commit 2,000 rape crimes.

It is no wonder why Mardaani 2 is being the most-talked-about film in recent times.

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