Heritage building of Osmania Hospital to be sealed

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  22 July 2020 11:53 AM GMT
Heritage building of Osmania Hospital to be sealed

Hyderabad: The Director of Medical Education, K Ramesh Reddy, on Wednesday 22nd July issued orders to shut down the old building of Osmania Hospital, Afzalgunj.

An circular was sent to the Superintendent, Osmania Hospital, directing them to vacate the building and seal it by the orders of the directorate.

As per the circular, the superintendent was previously informed to vacate the old building and shift all patients to wards in the new building. However, the order was revised to state that the building would now be sealed.

The DME has said that no activity should take place in the old building, and if found, those responsible will be put under serious questioning.

On a call with Newsmeter, acting superintendent Dr Pandu Naik said, "We have duly followed the previous directions and vacated the wards." He added that all patients have been moved to the new building.

Following the DME order, Office of the Superintendent also released a circular stating that all elective activities in the Operation Theatres at the old building should be shut down with immidiate effect.

The Osmania Hospital, a decades old heritage structure in itself, saw the peak of desolation on 16th July, when rainwater entered the premises. Videos from inside the building were leaked by patients showing severe waterlogging. The water had also entered in-patient wards on the ground floor.

Doctors and parademical staff workers have been on protest since 20th July, with a demand to demolish the old building since its desolation is hindering them from performing their medical duty.

"It's a very sad day for Hyderabad's heritage. First the Saifabad palace was demolished overnight, and now this structure stands without care," said Anuradha Reddy, Convenor, INTACH Hyderabad. She further added that the hospital's rich history of medical contribution, specially towards international chloroform trials, now stands at the risk of extinction.

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