High hopes: Here are five COVID-19 vaccines that may be out in 2020

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  7 Sep 2020 2:50 PM GMT
High hopes: Here are five COVID-19 vaccines that may be out in 2020

Five COVID-19 vaccines being developed globally, which are currently in phase III clinical trials, may be released before the end of 2020. These front running vaccines may soon see their moment of truth, with the end of clinical trials approaching closer.

The first vaccine that could prevent citizens from getting the virus may finish trials mid-September. According to Airfinity Limited, a company that tracks drug trials, AstraZeneca PLC may be the first one to come up with their vaccine.

With India overtaking Brazil and crossing the 4 million mark in COVID-19 cases, we bring you the full list of vaccines that may retain hope in the human race.

1. AstraZeneca/ Oxford

The vaccine being developed by British pharma giant AstraZeneca in collaboration with researchers at Oxford University is being pitched as the frontrunner in human trials for a COVID vaccine. The vaccine has started late-stage trials in India, Brazil, and South Africa. The pharma giant has also teamed up with Serum Institute of India, Pune, to develop one billion doses of the vaccine.

The vaccine is currently being tested on 45,000 participants in the above-mentioned countries.

2. Pfizer/ BioNTech

This vaccine is being tested on 30,000 participants and is being developed by biotech company BioNTech and pharma giant Pfizer. Global trials for the vaccine BNT162b2 were announced in July, and are being planned to be conducted in 120 locations. On September 7, the vaccine kickstarted trials in Germany and announced that it remained on track to seek approval for the vaccine early October.

3. Moderna

US-based Moderna is developing its vaccine candidate mRNA-1273, which is currently being tested on 30,000 participants. Airfinity report said that the company would also have sufficient data for a key meeting scheduled with Food and Drug Administration on October 22. Moderna has previously said that their vaccine is showing a promising immune response to the trials.

4. Johnson & Johnson

The vaccine being developed by Johnson & Johnson is said to be out by early 2021. As per Airfinity, the company plans 60,000 human trials, which may be initiated towards the end of September. J&J is using the same technology to develop its COVID-19 vaccine as it did to prepare its experimental Ebola vaccine. Results of the companies animal trials on hamsters were announced last week.

5. Sinovac

Clinical trials for China's vaccine candidate CoronVac are currently being held in Brazil and Indonesia. It is being developed by Chinese pharma giant Sinovac Biotech. Vials of the said vaccine were also put up for display at the Beijing trade fair this week. A Sinovac representative told AFP his firm has already "completed the construction of a vaccine factory" able to produce 300 million doses a year.

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