How to apply for e-pass if you are travelling to Andhra Pradesh

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  2 July 2020 6:57 AM GMT
How to apply for e-pass if you are travelling to Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabad: The number of COVID-19 cases in Hyderabad is increasing constantly and amid this CM K Chandrasekhar Rao has said that within 3 to 4 days a complete lockdown will be declared in the city of Hyderabad. Due to this many who returned to Hyderabad when the lockdown was lifted are going back to their native place in Andhra Pradesh.

Though the center has eased restriction on inter-state vehicle movement, it has also given powers to the state to decide if they are allowing inter-state travel and Andhra has decided that it will allow people into state only if they have registered in AP government’s Spandana website and are travelling with a valid travel permit.

How to register for an E-pass/Travel Permit in Spandana Website:-

In the home page of Spandana Website there is an option, ‘Covid-19 Movement for people’, under which you can register online for the pass.

Once you click on, ‘Online Registration for Pass’ from the drop down menu of above mentioned tab, it will take you to a registration form or you can directly click on this link for registration.

According to the recent update travel passes are only being provided to Students, Pilgrims and Migrant labourers under distress, so if you fulfill this condition go further and apply for the e-pass.

Details asked in the registration form:-

Select if you are migrating from AP to another state or other state to AP. Considering that the migration is happening from Hyderabad to AP, register as travelling from another state to AP.

Later fill in personal details like your name, Aadhar number, Mobile Number, Age and Gender.

Fill in the address details of both ‘from and to’ state. For both addresses you will have to mention whether it is a red, orange or green zone. Here one of the addresses will be your Andhra Pradesh state address.

Once this is done, you have to add in your vehicle details in which you will be travelling or request the government for a paid vehicle. One can also add details of other members travelling with them and purpose of their travel. The purpose of travel is asked to know if you are a student, pilgrim or migrant labour.

Once you fill this agree to the term that you will abide by the minimum 14 day quarantine protocol and if you are caught violating the same, the police is liable to take action against you under sections of Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Once the registration form is submitted you will be sent an application number to your registered mobile number using which you can check if your application is approved. You can click on the below link to check status of your application

While crossing the border:-

At the check-posts you will be allowed inside only after thermal screening and if there are any symptoms, you will be sent to hospital for further tests.

The AP check-post will be operational 7am to 7pm only, so the traveller with an approved travel pass should reach the check-post by 7 pm to cross the border.

AS of July 2 Andhra Pradesh has registered 15,252, while Telangana has registered, 17,357 COVID-19 positive cases.

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