How to apply for 'essential service pass' amid lockown in Hyderabad

By Aiswarya Sriram  Published on  14 April 2020 7:35 PM GMT
How to apply for essential service pass amid lockown in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: After the Rachakonda police, now the Hyderabad police have developed a website to issue an essential service pass. The website can be accessed via Hyderabad city police's official website. Organisations and individuals can register for the pass.

The additional DCP (special branch), Mr Muthyan Reddy, told NewsMeter, “The website for e-pass will be active from today (14 April) or next day in Hyderabad commissionerate. As of now, individuals are directly approaching police stations for the passes.”

He said there are two types of essential service passes - one for vehicles and another for individuals. “Vehicles that are used for essential services are registered by their number. Their pass will mention the vehicle number. The pass for individuals, meanwhile, will have the person's photo," he said.

In the newly-launched website, an individual will have to fill in their personal details, vehicle number, the reason for travel, and Aadhar number. The submitted application will be verified by the police and it is accepted if the request is considered genuine. An e-pass will be uploaded to the website which the applicant can then print, Mr Reddy said, adding, “We verify the reason why an individual needs the pass otherwise everybody will start applying for it and will be travelling on the roads for no reason which cannot be allowed."

Individuals who have regular health checkups and who own pet shops or volunteer with the police can apply for the e-pass.

Meanwhile, the Hyderabad police are also offering transport-related services and can be reached in this number 8433958158 for the same. The city police had said it will provide transport facilities for senior citizens, single mothers, and disabled individuals who have to visit the grocery store, pharmacy, bank, or post office.

The facility is also available for volunteers serving the community, those who have to make periodic hospital visits for health check-ups, and health workers.

The Hyderabad police is providing the facility in association with Mahindra Logistics.

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