Humane Society register FIR in pig dragging incident

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  9 Sep 2019 10:35 AM GMT
Humane Society register FIR in pig dragging incident

Hyderabad: The Humane Society International/India (HSI) responded to an incident in Hyderabad where a pig was reported tied to a motorbike and dragged along a busy street causing it grievous injuries. The HSI has written to the DGP Telangana requesting the jurisdictional police station to register an FIR and follow the procedure as laid down by law.

On September 5, a pig suffered grievous injured after it was tied to a two-wheeler and dragged for about a kilometre near Wesley college in Secunderabad area. The incident came to light after an animal rights activist lodged a complaint in Ramgopalpet police station about the incident.

The letter written by the managing director of HSI reads, “Such an action is an offence under section 429 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and under section I of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 (PCA Act). However, upon a witness approaching the jurisdictional Ramgopalpet police station, it is reported that an 'undertaking' was accepted from the employer of the accused.

While the IPC is a criminal code addressing a substantive collection of crimes, the PCA Act is criminal legislation effected to prevent animal cruelty. In a case of criminal nature, summons issued for 'questioning' before registering an FIR is untoward. To settle a dispute is not within the legal powers of the police. Furthermore, to treat an instance of such callous cruelty lightly is to encourage violence against animals, which has a high likelihood of escalating to violence against children, women and other members of society. Therefore, we are writing to reiterate the established link between animal cruelty and human violence and to seek your urgent intervention.”

Alokparna Sengupta, managing director (interim) - Human Society International told Newsmeter, “Educational institutions are for teaching, amongst others, how to be a good citizen including being compassionate to all creatures. I am shocked by the cruelty meted out against this pig by a school. What will the children learn from this? This is completely irresponsible and illegal. The alleged police inaction is unacceptable too. We have complained to the DGP and requested him to direct the jurisdictional police officer to file an FIR. We hope the DGP will take strict action and use this as an example so that no one else dares to be this cruel to any living being ever again".

SHO Ramgopalpet police station, T. Chanchala Babu told Newsmeter that a case has been registered in on September 7, 2019. He said, “A complaint was made by People for Animals NGO after the incident occurred on September 5, 2019. We have registered a case against the watchman under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.”

Paneeru Teja, an animal activist told Newsmeter, “The incident happened in a school premises what do children learns out of it? And what are the school authorities doing by showing such behaviour towards an animal. They are only teaching the children to do act in the same way to any creature.”

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