Hyderabad-based ‘IdontWantDowry’ matrimonial website hacked

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  16 Nov 2019 9:32 AM GMT
Hyderabad-based ‘IdontWantDowry’ matrimonial website hacked

Hyderabad: In what could be a strange incident in cyber hacking, a matrimonial website that specialises in promotion of anti-dowry system of marriage has been hacked.

A complaint has been registered with Hyderabad Cyber Crime Police Station as the complainant mentioned that cybercriminals hacked his matrimonial website www.IdontWantDowry.com, which was founded by Satyanaresh on April 2, 2006.

He collected several names of people who did not want dowry and posted their details on the website. So far, 50 couples got married without any dowry, thanks to the efforts of Satyanaresh through his anti-dowry matrimonial website. Over a period, seeing the good intentions of the promoter, several families began patronising it, the registered membership of which stands at an impressive 10,000 now.

After lodging the complaint, Satyanaresh said in a statement, "We're working on restoring the portal, which, we hope, will be fully operational within a fortnight. We wish to reassure our loyal members that we will continue to update them of the developments, as they happen."

It is unfortunate that despite the yeomen societal work he has been rendering selflessly, Satyanaresh is being harassed. He has a heralded a wonderful movement by bringing likeminded people and helping families that have daughters, said an activist.

On an average, over 20 dowry deaths take place in India in a month but nearly 80 per cent conclude in acquittal.

Alas, despite a Supreme Court order, there has been no progress, whatsoever, in setting up family welfare committees in every district. The apex court contended that such committees would help to probe the veracity of complaints filed in dowry death or dowry harassment cases.

During the past five years, only 14 per cent of cases resulted in conviction. On the other hand, the number of pending cases has doubled from what it was in 2006.

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