Hyderabad-Bhongir Highway: Activists oppose religious structure

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  9 Sep 2019 1:52 PM GMT
Hyderabad-Bhongir Highway: Activists oppose religious structure

Hyderabad: Legal Rights Protection Forum on Monday, lodged a complaint against the construction of a wall that resembles a religious structure on National Highway 163 between Hyderabad and Bhongir. The complaint has been lodged with National Highways Authority of India (NHAI).

In an image tweet by Legal Rights Protection Forum shows a man constructing a wall in the middle of the road and a green colour flag attached to a stick placed on the wall.

Talking to Newsmeter, AS Santosh, President of Legal Rights Protection Forum, said that “The construction of a religious structure in the middle of the road four km after Bhongir towards Hyderabad near Dolphin restaurant. In the last year, a lorry accident took place after hitting the wall. But the construction was resumed before one week. I have written a complaint to NHAI seeking an explanation about the issue. I have been trying to contact locals, but they are not responding to any of my phone calls. Such constructions in the middle of highway roads lead to severe accidents. And the concerned officials should respond immediately.”

Santosh in a complaint written to NHAI mentioned that “unauthorized construction of religious construction in the middle of the NH 163 (Approx 4KM away from Bhongir while coming towards Hyderabad).”

“We also had a conversation with V. K. Sharma, Nodal Officer for Public Grievances, NHAI on the phone and got assured that the matter will be pursued,” he added in the complaint.

According to a verdict given by Supreme Court in 2009 in a similar case, “No unauthorized construction of any religious institution namely, temple, church, mosque or gurudwara, etc. shall be permitted on the public street/public space.”

Santosh on behalf of Legal Rights Protection Forum requested to take necessary strict action against the said construction and prevent unnecessary road accidents on the National Highway.

Legal Rights Protection Forum tweeted and posted on facebook saying “Lodged complaint with National Highways Authority of India against unauthorized construction of Religious Structure in the middle of the road on NH163 i.e., on the Hyderabad - Bhongir route (near Bhongir), Telangana. Sought immediate action to prevent road accidents on High Way (sic).”

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