Hyderabad: Forest Department officials alongside Commissioner’s Task Force, South Zone, apprehended two Chandrayangutta residents and seized four Slow Loris animals, One Indian star Tortoise and one Soft Shell Turtle. It was a joint operation between the forest department and the Hyderabad police officials.

The sleuths identified the accused as Saleh Bin Mahammed Badam, and his sibling Ali Bin Mahammed Badam. They run a medical store at Chandrayangutta. As their income was not sufficient to meet their family expenditures, the duo — both residents of Barkas —organised an illegal business of trading rare wild animals that are in good demand in Hyderabad.

According to their plan, Ali Bin Mahammed started procuring wild animals from one of his friends at a low price and sold the same to needy customers for a profit. This provided the brothers with an easy, albeit illegal, source of money.

Inspector of Police, South Zone, S Raghavendra and SIs V Narender, N Srishyalam, and Mohd Thakiuddin arrested the accused under the supervision of Chakravarthy Gummi, Addl Deputy Commissioner of Police, Commissioner’s Task Force. The police handed the accused and the seized animals over to the Forest Department for further investigation.

Slow Loris animals — This is a group of several species of nocturnal animals. They are generally found in North-Eastern India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines. The traditional medicine made from Loris’ organs and its other body parts is used to cure many diseases.

Indian Star Tortoise — This reptile is found in dry areas and scrub forests in India. Most Indians believe that possessing an Indian star Tortoise at home provides good luck and fortune.

Soft Shell Turtle — These are found in rivers such as Ganges, Indus and Mahanadi of India. They breathe underwater with rhythmic movements of their mouth cavity that involves numerous processes. It enables them to stay underwater for prolonged periods.

Anurag Mallick

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