'By 2020, a cyber-security wing at every Hyderabad police station': CP Anjani Kumar

By Dheeshma Puzhakkal  Published on  26 Dec 2019 1:37 PM GMT
By 2020, a cyber-security wing at every Hyderabad police station: CP Anjani Kumar

Hyderabad: By 2020, every police station in Hyderabad Commissionerate will have a dedicated cyber-security wing to tackle individual cases, said Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar during an annual round-up meet. The city police chief added that the rise in cyber fraud, harassment, and phishing has resulted in establishing a dedicated wing in every police station within the Commissionerate’s limits.

Currently, under the three Commissionerates — Hyderabad, Cyberabad and Rachakonda — there is only one police station each that are attached to the Central Crime Station (CCS). In 2019, Hyderabad Commissionerate recorded more than 1,400 cyber cases. With still a month to go this year, officials expect the number of cases to rise to 1,500. Among the registered cases, over 500 cases come under the harassment of women and financial fraud.

Avinash Mohanthy, the Joint Commissioner of Police, CCS, said, “We will ensure that the wing will be capable of handling cases from individuals if not companies. People can lodge a petition at their police station rather than going to a cybercrime station. It can certainly reduce piling up of cyber cases and brings up the conviction rate.”

In 2018, the number of cyber cases registered under Hyderabad commissionerate was 401. The number of registered cybercrime cases has increased over the years. According to police officials, this is primarily because people have become more aware of cybersecurity. Besides, recently, officials directly register the FIRs for all cyber-related complaints, rather than keeping them on hold based on importance.

Replying to how the government is planning to tackle the rise in cyber cases, Avinash Mohanthy said, “Cybercrimes will continue as long as digital technology’s penetration is stabilised. We are making efforts to bring awareness among people on cybersecurity and cyber rights. We are also collecting the database of repeat offenders to avoid further crimes.”

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