Hyderabad cyber crime cops arrest stalker who blackmailed 50 women

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  23 July 2020 12:58 PM GMT
Hyderabad cyber crime cops arrest stalker who blackmailed 50 women

Hyderabad: The cybercrime police, on 23 July, arrested a man for allegedly stalking and blackmailing more than 50 young women. Kurnool Mohammed Ahmed collected photos and phone numbers of women from Instagram, the police said.

The Hyderabad cyber crime police received a complaint from a woman who claimed she was receiving messages and WhatsApp calls from unknown numbers from the past two months. She had posted her phone number on her Instagram account. An unknown person had taken her photos from her account and was demanding Rs. 10,000 to delete them. He was also using her photo on his WhatsApp status to trap other girls. Based on the woman's complaint, a case was registered.

The police arrested Kurnool Mohammed Ahmed on Thursday. The accused collected photos and mobile numbers of women from various social media platforms. He would then call them and demand money in exchange for deleting their photographs and phone numbers. Mohammed also insisted the women have affairs with him.

The cybercrime police have advised people not to post any personal pictures on social media and not to accept any friend requests from unknown accounts. If anyone receives calls from suspicious persons they must not panic and inform the local police or cybercrime police immediately, they said.

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