Hyderabad: Forget reel-life, caste, and financial status weigh heavy over love in real-life too

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  27 Sep 2020 6:26 AM GMT
Hyderabad: Forget reel-life, caste, and financial status weigh heavy over love in real-life too

Hyderabad: Two typical Bollywood-style love stories had a tragic ending in the city.

In both cases, girls’ parents were villains. Caste and financial status played a bigger role in real-life love stories

Sample this: A classic love story of Dalit boy P Pranay and upper-caste Amrutha met a tragic end when the girl’s father T Maruti Rao allegedly got his son-in-law killed at Miryalaguda town in Nalgonda district in March 2018.

Two and a half years later in September 2020, another youth Chintha Yoga Hemanth Kumar was killed by his wife Avanthi’s maternal uncle.

Amrutha’s father admitted that he had killed Pranay as he belonged to a Dalit community, while Avanthi’s parents said Hemanth’s financial status was not on par with them.

Amrutha’s father Maruthi Rao was a multi-millionaire and maintained huge clout in the community and social circles. While Pranay’s family though not super-rich was well settled. It was rumoured that Maruti Rao’s net worth was a few hundred crores.

Amrutha's marriage to Pranay did not go well in the family prompting her father to allegedly get his son-in-law killed. Incidentally, when Pranay was killed, his wife was pregnant.

Amrutha was the only child of her parents while Avanthi has a sibling, Ashish. When Pranay was killed, his younger brother was abroad for higher studies. Hemanth’s younger brother is in the UK for higher studies. And both girls hoped love will triumph over hate and their families would accept them after some time.

Avanthi’s father owned wine shops, ran private chit funds and other businesses. The family net worth is estimated to be running into tens of crores. Hemanth’s father is into a real estate business and his son had just started his own business.

Both families were not compatible given their financial status. Even Hemanth’s father alleged that Avanti’s family killed his son because they were not on par with them financially. Both belonged to upper castes Avanthi was from the Reddy community and Hemanth was from the Vyshya community.

A major difference in both cases was Amrutha's mother Girija tried to mend fences with her daughter. After she became pregnant, this bonding became stronger.

In Avanthi’s case, none of her family members were in touch with her. Avanthi’s maternal uncle Vijayender Reddy called her up four days ago to inquire about their well being. It was her mother Archana, father Laxma Reddy and second maternal uncle Yugandhar Reddy plotted the murder.

In Amrutha’s case, her mother was completely unaware of the plot against Pranay. Avanti’s mother played a key role in plotting and executing the murder. She was not physically present at the spot, but monitored the situation over the phone and even gave directions.

In Amrutha’s case, her father and uncle ran the entire show. In Avanti’s case, the entire family including maternal uncles, their wives, cousins, and others were involved in the conspiracy. Her uncle Yugandhar and three hired killers killed Hemanth, while others helped in executing the plan.

Amrutha’s father paid Rs 1.30 Crore for getting Pranay killed, while Hemanth’s murder deal was fixed at Rs 10 Lakh.

Amrutha’s father Maruti Rao being a big shot used his local political connections and hired professional killers including those involved in former Gujarat Home Minister Haren Pandya’s murder. In Avanthi’s case, her father hired local killers on Yungandhar Reddy’s advice.

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