Hyderabad: The legal metrology department in Hyderabad booked a case against Heritage store in Jubliee Hills for violation of excess price on all their products.

According to the complainant, Heritage store inside the Jubilee Bus Stand, Secunderabad is collecting above MRP price of each packaged item such as milk packet, dudhpeda etc.

On a complaint made by S. Umesh Kumar against the store, the legal metrology-district inspector conducted inspections at the Heritage store in Jubilee hills on September 20, 2019. During inspections a case was booked against them for charging above MRP prices on their products.

According to Section 18(2) of the Legal Metrology (packaged Commodities) rules 2011, “No retail dealer or other person including manufacturer, packer, importer and wholesale dealer shall make any sale of any commodity in packed form at a price exceeding the retail sale price there of. Also violation of Consumer Goods act 2006".

Mr Umesh Kumar, the complainant and founder Know Your Rights NGO told the Newsmeter, “Heritage store inside the Jubilee Bus Stand in Secunderabad was found charging above MRP rate on each packaged commodity. Not only the Heritage store but all shops inside the Jubilee Bus stand are selling goods above the MRP price on every packaged item. Even after insisting they are not providing bills to consumers.”

He adds, “Legal metrology department should conduct surprise visits to authorised Heritage centres, Vijaya milk centres etc as they are fleecing consumers. We found that it is a common practice by shopkeepers at major bus stations such Jubilee Bus stand, MGBS in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Almost all the products at the authorised Heritage Center inside the Jubilee Bus station were selling goods abover MRP rates. Generally, people don't question the shopkeepers as they are in a hurry to reach their destinations as soon as they get down from the buses.”

Anusha Puppala

Anusha Puppala is currently working at NewsMeter. She had earlier worked as a reporter with ANI and The News Minute. Previously, she has worked as a Senior Reporter with the Deccan Chronicle Newspaper, covering education beat. She had briefly associated with the national television channel Tiranga TV as a special correspondent. Anusha has extensively written stories on education, traffic, civic-issues, human-Interesting, off-Beat, consumer issues, health and environment. Hailing from Visakhapatnam, Anusha is a social media buff and a passionate foodie. If not reporting, you will always find her travelling.

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