Hyderabad: Man who escaped car accident on ORR not yet confirmed to be Raj Tarun

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  20 Aug 2019 12:56 PM GMT
Hyderabad: Man who escaped car accident on ORR not yet confirmed to be Raj Tarun

Hyderabad: A man, who is allegedly being reported to be Tollywood actor Raj Tarun, was found running away after having survived a car accident on Monday at the Outer Ring Road (ORR) near Narsini’s Alkapur. The car has been recognised as a white Volvo with number plate reading as TS 09EX 1100. However, the police have not yet officially confirmed the man as Raj Tarun.

“The white volvo car with number plate TS 09EX 1100 is in name of Lead India company. We have not received any complaints regarding the accident. The car is under our control,” said K Raghavendra Narsingi, sub-inspector of police.

In a CCTV footage recorded on Monday, it shows a man running on the road at 10:12 pm and in an another CCTV footage on the same day, it shows a man at 10:15 pm who looks similar to the person in the previous footage. This man can be seen talking over the mobile while walking on a junction road.

When asked about the presence of Raj Tarun in the car and the man running in the CCTV footage, Raghavendra said, “As the incident took place in the night, it takes time to recognize the person in the CCTV footage. As of now, officially, the person in the CCTV footage is not confirmed as Raj Tarun.”

A local driver Ravi, who frequently uses the same route where the accident happened, said, “Sometimes vehicles cannot be controlled in this turning even on low speeds. In the past, several vehicles have met with accidents because of the turning on this road. I request the authorities to modify this overturning route to avoid accidents in the future.”

The car’s front and the back glass were completely crashed and two airbags were opened in the front side.

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