Hyderabad: A labourer working with GHMC was arrested for theft at Malkajgiri in Hyderabad. 24-year-old Mekala Babu allegedly stole a mobile phone from a house, where he went to collect garbage.

According to police, on Saturday, Babu was assigned to collect garbage from houses at Vasantpuri at Malkajgiri. In the process when he reached home, he noticed its residents were busy with their work. Babu then entered the house, stole a smartphone and walked out. When the residents saw him walking out, he said that he was picking up garbage. They believed him, and he walked out safely.

An hour later they noticed that their mobile phone was missing. They tried calling it and found it switched off. Suspecting that Babu could have stolen the mobile, they complained with the Malkajgiri police. The officials arrested Babu, and he admitted to stealing the mobile.

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