Hyderabad police cannot observe Ayyappa Deeksha while on duty

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  6 Nov 2019 8:41 AM GMT
Hyderabad police cannot observe Ayyappa Deeksha while on duty

Rachakonda police have declined to accord permission to its personnel to observe the Swamy Ayyappa Deeksha or Ayyappa mala.

Hyderabad: The Rachakonda police, through their chief officer, issued instructions. The instruction issued said, “Permission cannot be accorded to police personnel to perform duties without wearing the prescribed uniform, shoes and other clothing articles. If any police personnel desires to observe ‘Deeksha’ of Swamy Ayyappa, they can apply for leave to do so. But no permission can be accorded to any member of the disciplined force like the police.”

The officer has been directed to pass on the communication to all the deputy assistant of police, including the inspectors.

It further said, “There is no special provision in the rules to allow police personnel to grow their hair or beard irrespective of their religion. However, police personnel can apply for leave for a limited period of up to two months to perform religious rituals, subject to the condition that such permission shall be without causing any hindrance to the official duties.”

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