Residents demand biodiversity park on plot to save it from encroachment

By Aiswarya Sriram  Published on  18 Dec 2019 8:05 AM GMT
Residents demand biodiversity park on plot to save it from encroachment

Hyderabad: Fed up of protecting a Devani Cheravu Sikham land from encroachment for nearly ten years, the residents of Saket Colony in Hyderabad want the government to set up a biodiversity park there. The property is worth Rs 100 crore, say the residents.

The Devani Cheravu Sikham land years back was a water body, so no construction can take place on it, say the residents. GSG Prasunamba, the secretary of Saket Resident Welfare Association, says, “Many times people have tried to invade the land, and we have been protecting the land. We don’t want that land to be invaded, so we want it to be developed as a Bio-diversity park.”

Despite approaching the civic body multiple times, the land is not being developed, say the Association members. Prasunamba says, “The land is rich in flora and fauna, with few trees. The new constructions coming up have already encroached sides of the land and lot of trees were also cut.”

The residents worry that if the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) doesn’t take action soon, the plot might be taken over by goons. Prasunamba said once a few people came with tractors and tried to break the compound walls. The residents intervened and foiled the encroachment bid.

G S Srinivasa Rao, a resident of the colony, says, “The Jawahar Nagar Dump Yard, is very close to our colony and we experience the foul smell, throughout the day. If a biodiversity park is developed with a lot of greenery that will subdue the foul smell from the dump yard.”

“The government land is in a prime location and values around Rs 100 crore, If it is developed it will be not only useful to Saket colony residents, but also other new residencies coming up in the area,” added Rao.

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