Hyderabad: Schools remove students from online classes over fee dispute

By Sumit Jha  Published on  30 Sep 2020 2:21 PM GMT
Hyderabad: Schools remove students from online classes over fee dispute

Hyderabad: Championing the cause of poor students have cost Hyderabad School Parents Association (HSPA) president Seema Agarwal dearly as the school has removed her child from the online classes.

“They removed my child from the online class without any explanation. They are not taking my calls. In fact, they are insisting that I should come to school. I told them this is a COVID situation; please talk to me over the phone. They are not giving any explanation. The school is consistently reminding me about the fees. This is sort of humiliation.” said Seema Aggarwal, President, HSPA.

On September 19, the school disabled the account of her child. “Somehow they later restored it. I am just asking for the bifurcation of the fee. If this can happen to me, just imagine the plight of other parents,” she said.

She also alleges that no one from school is genuinely responding, only the parents representative appointed by the school, they are trying to help her out.

She is ready to pay the fee for a month under protest, “Even if the school will allow my kid to attend the class, I want the teacher to explain to my kid why did they remove her from the online class and ensure it to her, it will not happen again,” added Seema Aggarwal.

This is not an isolated case. Parents, who are protesting against the fee hike by St.Andrews School, alleged that their kids are denied CBSE registration.

“The student of class 9th has to get registered with CBSE so that they can appear for the board exam in 2021-2022. Since we are protesting, the school is not allowing our kids to get registered,” said Sujata Borde, a parent, whose kid is studying at St. Andrews School.

She claimed that the school has sent text messages warning parents that their kids will not be registered unless they clear the fees. “If you don't register yourself you cannot write the exam in 2021-22. Those who have not photographed may report to school today or tomorrow only after clearing all dues,” reads the text messages

Parents also alleged that they ready to pay the tuition fee as per the guidelines of the government of Telangana. But, the school is not following the rules.

Around 219 parents from the St.Andrews school has gone to Telangana High Court over bifurcation of the fee.

NewsMeter tried to contact school concerns, the story will be updated with their response.

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