Hyderabad tops obesity chart; 48 % women, 31% men obese: Survey

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  21 Feb 2020 4:11 AM GMT
Hyderabad tops obesity chart; 48 % women, 31% men obese: Survey

Hyderabad: According to the recently-released National Family Health Survey, the highest percentage of obese people are from Hyderabad, with 48.07 per cent women and 31.01 per cent men suffering from obesity.

The survey also revealed that Hyderabad's obesity rate was higher than the state average. In Telangana, 24 per cent men and 28 per cent of women are obese. The reasons for obesity are hypertension and diabetes. Every fifth man, seventh woman, and over 1.5 crore children are suffering from obesity.

Medical experts say making little changes in food habits will help people lose weight. If one wants to burn 500 calories, then one can lose 250 calories with proper diet and 250 calories with yoga. If done regularly, one can lose around 2.6 kgs in a month, say, nutrition experts.

Experts also say that our diet should have 50 per cent of vegetables and 50 per cent of our favourite ingredients. However, once you lose weight, maintaining it is crucial. The amount of weight reduced in three months should be maintained for at least 18 months. People also do excessive yoga to reduce weight which results in the melting of potassium present in our muscles which mix with our blood. The kidneys, thus, fail to filter it and there are chances of the heart-stopping while doing yoga. Experts say that lack of thyroid hormones, excessive eating, stress, less body movement, alcohol consumption, soft drinks, oil, and excessive sweet also cause obesity.

Dr Narsayya Goud, a leading bariatric surgeon, says, "Some people want to lose weight without working hard. Instead of yoga and meditation, they use different powders and fast. Although one feels they've lost weight in the beginning, once an individual stops eating, the body starts using the power in the muscles. The muscles weaken and the bones become weak. The liver gets affected. Stones start forming in kidneys and gallbladder. There is no meaning in doing yoga for 3-4 hours a day."

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