Hyderabad: An intern doctor has filed a complaint with the SHE Team on May 24, against a Hyderabad traffic cop, for sending messages over WhatsApp. The doctor, who works at the Maternity Hospital in Sultan Bazaar, alleged that she was stopped by the traffic police officer at the Musheerabad circle in the first week of April. The female doctor further said that she had handed over her mobile phone number to the police officer during the checking.

Speaking to NewsMeter, the doctor said, “I was going to Fever hospital to pick up a friend, when I was stopped by this traffic cop at Musheerabad circle. I did not wear a helmet, so the officer was checking my identity card and pass. He also claimed that his wife was pregnant, and that he needed my number, in case of any emergency. I gave him my Airtel number.” The intern doctor also stated that he had sent two videos and voicenotes, trying to establish a rapport with her (screenshots of which are in possession with NewsMeter).

After giving the number, the doctor said that she received a few messages from the police officer on April 19, which she did not reply to. “Later, he asked for my working phone number and random queries like ‘Where are you, when are you coming back to Hyderabad’. He also began to send voice messages and do video-calling. I had to block him after that,” the doctor added.

The intern doctor has filed a complaint with the SHE Team regarding this, while the police officers are yet to respond on the complaint.

"Home Guard Venkatesh working in Traffic Branch has been placed under suspension with immediate effect for his misconduct," said Commissioner of police, Hyderabad.

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