Hyderabad: An AIMIM legislator Kausar Mohinuddin representing Karwan assembly constituency was caught on camera beating up his associate, he used a wooden flat-stick against him. The video is reportedly 6 months old, according to the MLA. However, it went viral on August 11th.

In a 1. 52 minute long video that was widely circulated, the MLA in presence of four other men is seen holding the man by one hand and beating him up with the other, besides using vulgar language. The associate is forced to apologized to a visitor, for reasons unknown. The incident is believed to have occurred in the MLA’s local party office.

As the news broke, another fresh video was issued in which the associated clarifies that he was beaten up for his own good and the MLA Kausar meant nothing less than a family member to him.

He clarifies, “ I am Abdul, I have been working with saab (referring to the MLA) for the last 10 years. He takes care of my family finances including education expenses for my children. Saab beat me because I borrowed money from him and drank, he checked me for that. I thank the MLA for all the help rendered”.

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