Hyderabad's Khalida Parveen gives COVID deceased a respectable last ride

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  20 July 2020 10:47 AM GMT
Hyderabads Khalida Parveen gives COVID deceased a respectable last ride

Hyderabad: The 65-year-old social activist Khalida Parveen has initiated a last-rites service for citizens who succumb to COVID in Hyderabad. The initiative was launched through the NGO headed by her- Amoomat Society, on Friday, July 17th.

Ever since the lockdown was imposed in March, members of the society have been helping out those affected gravely. The last-rites service, a part of this aid, has been launched after several families in Hyderabad were charged a large sum of money to have their COVID deceased associates buried or cremated post-death.

Several incidents came to light in the last four months when families had to pay Rs 20,000 for an ambulance that is willing to transport COVID deceased to the sight of their funeral. As a solution for the same, Parveen inaugurated an ambulance that would be providing free transportation.

"When we got to know the large sum that people are being charged, we decided to initiate a service for bodies to be carried from hospitals to the graveyard," she says. Precautionary measures such as face masks, gloves and PPE kits will be sourced by the NGO itself.

The team has also been providing burial services with the help of volunteers.

"Ever since the lockdown began, we have provided dry ration and grains to those in need, helped migrants travel back home with all precautionary measures, buried COVID bodies, and did everything we can to help," Parveen says.

Since March, the team has distributed ration worth 15 lakh rupees.

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Amoomat Society members providing service to COVID suspects who succumbed on 19th and 20th July,

along with another charity service Serve the Needy

As Parveen spoke on the phone, her team was involved in transporting the bodies of a 28-year-old's parents who succumbed to COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, from Hyderabad Nursing Home to the Panjagutta crematorium.

As of now, the bodies of COVID deceased are being cremated/ buried only by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. Parveen's organisation, and other charitable initiatives such as Serve the Needy, are only allowed to carry the bodies of those who died as COVID suspects.

The following numbers can be contacted to avail the service:

9030819775; 7680037677

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