YSRC Vizag leaders infighting : Dronamraju ready to quit post

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  1 Oct 2019 6:48 AM GMT
YSRC Vizag leaders infighting : Dronamraju ready to quit post

Visakhapatnam: There was a war of words between Andhra Pradesh Tourism Minister Muthamsetti Srinivas and Visakhapatnam Metropolitan Region Development Authority (VMRDA) Chairman Dronamraju Srinivas on Monday. The Tourism Minister mocked Dronamraju by saying that the latter doesn’t know the difficulties of villages, as he led his life in the city. Dronamraju reacted very quickly and retorted to Muthamsetti by saying "I was born in Juthada village and I know the distress of farmers."

To the surprise of the crowd, he went on to say that he was ready to leave the Chairmanship of VMRDA.

This spat occurred when they shared the dais at Andhra University Convention Centre at beach road in Visakhapatnam. They were there to hand over the appointment letters to the new employees of the village Secretariats. The atmosphere had become serious when the argument broke out between two prominent leaders of the YSR Congress Party.

The Tourism Minister addressed Dronamraju by saying "You don’t know the struggles of village people, as you live in Peda Mushidivada in Vizag. You will find the hardships of tribal people if you go to Araku and Paderu. The agency people are not able to get safe drinking water even today, after 70 years of independence."

Dronamraju’s reaction to these words was very quick. ‘Muthamsetti migrated to Visakhapatnam and grew here by establishing educational institutions. I respect him. But this is not the right venue to speak about unnecessary issues. I was born in a village. My father Satyanarayana worked in different posts like Karanam, village president, ZP Chairman, MLA, and MP. Many youths from the North Coastal entered into politics, because of him", he said.

It was his conclusion that drew the attention of the crowd. "I am aware of the problems in the city and village. I don’t want to get any positions in politics. I am satisfied with what I have. I am ready to quit the post of VRMDA Chairman if anybody wishes." He said that his family is always hoping for the best for everybody.

In the end, Muthamsetti tried to clear his statements by telling Dronamraju, that he respects the latter very much.

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