If you want to file a consumer complaint in Telangana, this is how you do it

By Aiswarya Sriram  Published on  5 Dec 2019 5:20 AM GMT
If you want to file a consumer complaint in Telangana, this is how you do it

Hyderabad: In 2014, Telangana started a pilot project for addressing consumer complaints that is the Telangana State Consumer Information and Redressal Center (TSCIRC). Unlike other states, Telangana consumers don’t need to go to court for the proceedings of their complaint against organisation. They can get their claims heard by TSCIRC, which is a quasi-judicial body.

A reply to an RTI filed by activist Akshay Kumar states that the TSCIRC has resolved the maximum number of cases, and the number of cases filed each year has also increased.

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How to File a Complaint

A consumer can file a complaint at TSCIRC located in Errum Manzil, Hyderabad. The consumer has to submit proof to show how the organisation has violated his rights. The TSCIRC will later issue summons to the concerned company under Section 12 of the Consumer Protection Act. Summons will ask both the consumer and the organisation to appear before the forum on a prescribed date.

Once both the parties present themselves in front of the forum, counselling will take place, and the forum will conclude on the proceedings. Based on the conclusion, the organisation either will pay compensation to the consumer or will replace the product. According to the law, the summons will be issued three times. If the organisation or consumer fails to come before the forum, even after three calls, the TSCIRC will transfer the case to a district forum.

The case will also be transferred to a district forum if the consumer is not happy with the conclusion of TSCIRC. The TSCIRC usually hears cases on Saturdays.

Toll-free Number of TSCIRC

The complaints can also be filed by calling the toll free number — 1800-425-00333. The RTI shows that mostly from 2014, all cases reported via the toll-free number have been solved. The table below shows the number of solved cases.

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What if a consumer wants to lodge a complaint against TSCIRC?

Under the law, one can file a complaint with the Director of Vigilance and Enforcement Department if they are not happy with the performance of TSCIRC.

Akshay, while speaking to NewsMeter, said, “I will appeal to consumers to approach TSCIRC and get their issues solved in a day, instead of going to a court, where too many cases are already pending.”

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