• ‘I was brought up that way, being compared with my peers. My death is going to make a big difference to this world, read the Suicide note.”

A 3rd year IIT- Hyderabad student, who expressed depression in his suicide letter, jumped off a building in the campus on early Tuesday. The 20-year-old who was pursuing B-tech III year, succumbed to injuries while undergoing treatment.

The deceased dashed a suicide note to his friends at 3. 23 AM, i.e. 3 minutes before he took the drastic leap. The letter reflected his depressed and dejected state of mind.

The student wrote (Verbatim ) “These 20 years of my life taught me enough already. I don’t find life interesting anymore. I want to put an end to everything. Life rather seems depressing never-ending strands of misfortune to the extent that I mentally couldn’t tolerate. I have no clue how my future is going to be. I have been feeling this for the past two months. Also, the courses are going bad for me. I couldn’t concentrate well.”

He further adds, “There is a critic within me questioning my every move to the extent that I feel I shouldn’t exist. Yes, I shouldn’t exist because I am a self -obsessed guy. I was brought up that way, being compared with my peers all the time. Finally, whatever it is, I am sure my death is going to make a big difference to this world”.

Meanwhile, the IIT- Hyderabad management came out with an official statement regarding the death of the student, it stated, “At around 03.26 AM, the student studying in B tech 3rd year committed suicide by jumping from the third floor. He emailed a suicide note to his friends minutes before he jumped. The III-T security and students rushed him to Balaji hospital for first aid; later, he was shifted to Continental hospital. Unfortunately, while undergoing treatment, he succumbed to injuries.

NewsMeter has removed the name and picture of the student, by agreeing to the appeal from his parents.

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