Incessant rains have boulders tumble onto road in Visakhapatnam

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  25 Oct 2019 9:52 AM GMT
Incessant rains have boulders tumble onto road in Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam: Following the incessant rains triggered by the twin low pressure on the east and west of the Indian Ocean, huge boulders rolled down to Beach Road from Kailsagiri hill. No one was hurt in the incident, as it occurred in the early hours of Friday.

The boulders fell right in front of the Tenneti Park, which is frequented by hundreds of locals and tourists for its scenic location from early morning to late night.

Even though the government authorities have taken precautions and put up cement boundaries at the foothills of Kailasagiri, it does not serve any purpose. Following heavy rains, rock boulders rolled in visakhapatnam.

Police have suggested the concerned authorities to raise a fence around the foothills with an iron net so that the falling boulders can get caught in the net.

satellite imagery study shows unscientific construction

A study by the Andhra University found that the 23-km-long coastal road between Vizag and Bhimunipatnam is vulnerable to landslides. This is owing to the unscientific construction of the road coupled with topographical alterations.

Two major rock headlands facing the sea were cut to lay the road at Tenneti Park and Visalakhshinagar. According to the study by the Andhra University department of Geoengineering based on satellite imagery pictures.

At Tenneti Park, the road was laid without making efforts to bind the loose rocks. Hence, the fractured rock boulders without lateral support may collapse, and excess rains in visakhapatnam is likely to cause landslide posing a threat to those travelling the route.

The study also highlighted that several areas at the foothill had been severely altered, leading to rock and soil coming on to the road. Huge rock blocks are often seen rolling down on to the road. Due to the compositional variations, soil creep is also active at places.

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