Hyderabad: The central government, reportedly, has banned 47 more mobile applications alleging privacy violations. The complete list of the banned apps is yet to be announced by the authorities.

This comes weeks after 59 apps that were developed by Chinese techies were banned post border disturbances between the Asian giants in Ladakh. Applications including Tik Tok, Share It, and UC Browser were banned in the previous run of events, and it is presumed that the upcoming list will be banning their copies.

Clones of these Chinese apps started emerging soon after the ban, in order for users to shift their base. There are assumptions that Players Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG), a gaming app developed by Chinese company Tencent, may also be banned in the second round.

Applications like Zimi (Xiaomi), AliExpress (Alibaba), and Bytedance's other apps resembling Tik Tok may also be banned.

It has been reported that the Indian government currently has 257 apps on its radar, which are being monitored to observe any privacy violations.

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