India records 10% excess rainfall in 2019; highest in decade

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  30 Sep 2019 2:15 PM GMT
India records 10% excess rainfall in 2019; highest in decade

Hyderabad: India has received 10 per cent more rainfall in 2019 southwest monsoon, making it the highest in the decade. While the southwest monsoon has come to an ‘official’ end on September 30, total rainfall registered across the country stands at 110 mm (11cm) falling in the category of ‘upper limit of normal’.

Though we have come to an end of the season, the country has more rainfall in stock, says IMD. Showers received after Monday will be considered as ‘post-monsoon rain.’ Chief Meteorologist with Skymet Mahesh Palawat explains, “India has surplus rain — by 10 per cent. This the highest registered in the decade. The last heaviest rainfall was recorded in 1994. As per early monsoon predictions, India was said to receive close to normal rainfall. However, it registered 110 mm. It is important to note that if the country had received 1 per cent more as on September 30, it would automatically fall in the excess category.”

Meanwhile, southwest monsoons have been bountiful only in certain states. Parts of North India and North-East India have received deficit rains. Records show that the distribution of rainfall has not been uniform across the country. States like Madhya Pradesh, East Rajasthan, and Gujarat recorded heavy rain, resulting in substantial damages to Kharif crops. Soybean and groundnut produce suffered excess loss.

Meanwhile, rains have filled up close to 113 reservoirs across the country by 87% of the capacity. More rain is likely to prove beneficial for the storage tanks.

According to the recent bulletin issued by the weather bureau on September 30, almost all parts of the country will continue to see some rains for at least the coming week before the monsoon begins its withdrawal.

Telangana and Andhra Pradesh too witnessed excess rainfall. The rainfall registered in the last week has brought out the two Telugu States from deficit to surplus. Telangana recorded excess rainfall by 6 per cent, Coastal AP by 9 per cent and Rayalseema by 12 per cent.

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Telangana since the start of the monsoon — June 1 up to September 30 (officially the end of the season) — has recorded 80.5 cm of rainfall while its normal is 75.9 cm. Districts in Coastal AP received 58 cm but registered 64 per cent. Rayalseema, primarily considered being a dry belt, received 46 cm of rainfall.

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