Hyderabad: Soldiers of the US Navy and US marine conducted a joint exercise with Indian soldiers in the area of humanitarian assistance and disaster response. The joint exercise on Wednesday was held in Kakinada of East Godavari district. It included staff planning events and field training that simulates moving a humanitarian assistance/disaster relief force from ship to shore. Sources say that the training builds the capacity of both the US and Indian participants and improves their ability to operate together as well.

On occasion, Rear Admiral Suraj Berry, Eastern Fleet Commander, said, “This exercise aimed at improving the capacity of both India and the US to face the challenges of humanitarian crisis during natural calamities like a cyclone.”

Lt Col Dana Demer, Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force Commander, said, “We are here because both the United States and India are willing to help each other in building their capacities to work better during bad times.” He later continued that both countries are well equipped and well trained for humanitarian assistance and disaster response.

The joint exercise was part of the nine-day Tiger Triumph that started in Vizag on November 13 and will end on Thursday in Kakinada. It includes the ships INS Jalashwa (L41) and USS Germantown. Reportedly, more than 500 US marines and sailors, and 1,200 Indian soldiers, sailors, and airmen are a part of this nine-day joint exercise.

Candice Philistia Murray 

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