Indian asks Alexa "How are you?" 11 times a minute: Amazon Report

By Anurag Mallick  Published on  9 Feb 2020 8:17 AM GMT
Indian asks Alexa How are you? 11 times a minute: Amazon Report

Hyderabad, Feb 9: The Amazon Alexa has become the new trend in every other household as individuals have been using the voice assistant for various queries throughout the day.

But do you know the most asked queries by Indians?

In a recent report released by Amazon, it was revealed that Indians asked Alexa throughout 2019, queries like, Hanuman Chalisa, Alexa, How are you?, Alexa, I love you and Alexa, will you marry me? topped the list.

The users seem to be very much concerned about Alexa's well-being and good health as they ask her "Alexa, How are you?" eleven times a minute, whereas in Hindi, which is "Alexa, kaisi ho?" is asked three times a minute.

The next query was a devotional one. Lord Hanuman devout ask for "Hanuman Chalisa" about four times in a minute.

Well, the next two queries are quite personal. The users expressed their love towards Alexa with "I love you" once in a minute and even propose her. "Alexa, will you marry me?" is asked once every other minute.

The voice assistant was also used as an entertainment device. Tracks like Baby Shark and Lamborghini were also among the top queries as Alexa received over 1,000 song requests throughout the year.

Alexa also helped around 1,000 people a day to cook every day as the users asked about various cooking recipes. As Alexa's greatest advantage lies in reading out podcasts, streaming recipes, people have also made it clear that Alexa answers their marriage proposals and also the love expressed by the users.

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