Hyderabad: Indian badminton player Nelakurihi Sikki Reddy Instagram account was hacked on Friday. The Hyderabad-based badminton champion took to Twitter to share about her Instagram account being hacked.

According to Sikki, the hacker hacked her Instagram account and is sending her texts on WhatsApp. He even got her email ids and details like phone number and WhatsApp number. She said that she has already reported this to Instagram and is yet to receive a response from them.

In a screenshot that she shared of the WhatsApp message sent by the hacker, the hacker states that he has hacked her account and is selling her account for $700. Sikki received the text from the number +905314048900, and the hacker was reportedly using Instagram in Turkish language.

While asking help from Instagram, Sikki Reddy tweeted, “@instagram please help me some hacker has hacked my account and sends me this messages in WhatsApp. I have already reported too but no response. He got my mail id and phone number everything (sic).”

She requested her followers to not contact her on Instagram and wrote, “Hi everyone my insta account has been hacked so please don’t message or tag me. I will update shortly. Thank you (sic).”

In response to Sikki's tweet, Hyderabad city police responded and have asked her to contact the cyber crime station.

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