Did You Know? Indians spend more time trying to sleep, finds survey

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  5 Nov 2019 5:20 AM GMT
Did You Know? Indians spend more time trying to sleep, finds survey


  • Average sleep time is 26 years; Time spent to get sleep is seven years: Time Use Survey

Hyderabad: We all know humans spend most of their life sleeping. Interestingly, Indians spend more time to fall asleep. The average lifespan of Indians is 68.3 years. The lifespan of men is 66.9 years and 69.9 years for women. Out of the total lifespan, Indians spend 26 years in sleep and seven years trying to fall asleep. In total, Indians spend 31 years sleeping out of 68.3 years.

The Central government, for the first time in the country, is conducting Time Use Survey-2020 based on 150 parameters. Time Use Survey-2020 began on January 1, 2019, and will conclude by December 31, 2019. The survey report will be made public in 2020. Barring Andaman & Nicobar Islands, the survey covers entire India.

The survey categorises how Indians spend their time into different activities. The study has divided 24 hours into 48-time slots. Based on this, the survey collects samples from individuals from different sections of society. How people spend every half-an-hour to complete their daily tasks, right from waking up until falling asleep, personal work, house maintenance, taking care of health, entertainment, office work or business activity, spending time with family, leisure, etc. The survey will also focus on how activities with non-payments contribute to domestic economic growth.

According to several surveys, humans spend more time of about 26 years for sleep. Man spends 13 years working, 8.4 years for watching TV, 4.6 years for eating and 1.4 years for exercise. Coming to millennials, the youngsters spend 2.51 hours a day with smartphones and 135 minutes on social media. Considering all factors, humans spend 51.10 years on sleep, work, eating and watching TV. Surprisingly, humans spend 75 per cent of their lifetime on four tasks — sleep, work, eating and watching TV.

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