Infighting over dumping of garbage in Indu Fortune Fields, police books case

By Sumit Jha  Published on  20 Oct 2020 4:37 AM GMT
Infighting over dumping of garbage in Indu Fortune Fields, police books case

Hyderabad: In a case of infighting between two groups of residents of Indu Fortune Fields in Kukatpally of Hyderabad, the KPHB police have booked counter cases against both parties over 'dumping of garbage' issue.

The allege civil fight is between residents of block A&B against block C.

A case has been booked against the president of C Block of Indu Fortune Fields, Dasardhi Kammela and another person, Krishna Prasad Movva, alleging that ‘though both the persons are not residing in the said apartments but are trespassing into the apartment premises, have illegally occupied the clubhouse as well as a common parking area in front of Block C’. The FIR said that the accused have been creating nuisance in the society.

The FIR is filed under Section 447 (Punishment for criminal trespass), 341 (Punishment for wrongful restraint), 290 (Punishment for public nuisance) and 506(Punishment for criminal intimidation) against block C residents.

The resident of A&B block in their complaints said that "Mr Dasarathi Kammela & Krishna Prasad are repeatedly violating the society norms and challenging people as no one can stop him from violating norms. They are non-residents but are smoking and roaming inside the building till late evening. This has created an uncomfortable environment for ladies in the society who go for evening walk inside the gated community."

In the counter FIR, the residents of Block C alleged that after cases of COVID-19 was found in A and B blocks, the residents there started dumping garbage in Block C. “There were multiple COVID-19 positive cases in A and B blocks and every day the residents there are intentionally dumping garbage, including hazardous household waste, possibly from people quarantined due to COVID-19, in the Block C car parking area since July 20. This has caused us considerable mental agony as we are worried that this is helping the spread of the highly infectious and contagious virus. Our block has also seen some positive cases,” said Dasardhi Kammela, president of Block C welfare association of the Indu Fortune Fields.

The residents alleged that jealousy is the reason behind their actions. “We, members of Block C, spent a bit more than the regular cost and got our building built with the choicest materials. This made the residents of Block A and B jealous. Soon they began to resort to acts of nuisance and abuse and promoting feelings of enmity and hatred between the owners and tenants of all the blocks,” added Dasardhi.

The police have filed an FIR against G. Hanumanth Reddy, Y Jagan Mohan Reddy, Saravanan, K Ramakrishniah Gupta, Ravichandra Bomma Reddy, Rao Gopala Rao, N Ravishankar, Eshwar Reddy, and Voruganti Satish under Section 447 (punishment for criminal trespass), 427 (mischief and damage), 290 (punishment for public nuisance), and 269 (a negligent act which is likely to spread an infectious disease dangerous to life) of the IPC and Section 51 of the Disaster Management Act.

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