Amaravati: Is Pawan Kalyan trying to fill the political vacuum in Andhra Pradesh? Is he ready to take the help of the saffron party to be stronger in AP politics? His aggression towards the ruling party confirms that he wanted to play a very ‘crucial’ role in Andhra politics. His statement that he is not distant to BJP also hints at another political alliance in the offing.

As and when YSRCP took the reins of Andhra Pradesh, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has become a very active politician. He is not sparing Jagan Mohan Reddy’s government in any issue, and even he is ready to come on to the streets against the government. Political analysts wonder about the drastic change in Pawan, after the worst poll debacle of Telugu Desam Party.

Pawan Kalyan was not very critical about the yellow party on the latter’s tenure from 2014 to 2019. He used to meet the N Chandrababu Naidu, and there were cordial relations between them. He used to fight for the people on issues such as the Uddanam kidney problem or against the establishment of Food Park in West Godavari. However, in the last two years of the Chandrababu regime, Pawan was very serious about corruption. His allegations against Nara Lokesh became sensational and irked the then ruling party.

Now, Pawan has become a changed man. He wants to be in the people and sparing no words to criticise the present government — be it the sand problem, shifting of capital or introduction of English medium in government schools. He seems to feel that he is going to replace the opposition, as the future of Telugu Desam is dismal. He is touring every nook and cranny of the state. He appears in the media almost every day to criticise the government. Pawan is the first person to respond when there is negative news on Jagan’s government.

There was a new political movement when Pawan declared on Wednesday that he is not against BJP. He told media at Tirupathi that he opposed the saffron party, as it did not announce special category status to Andhra Pradesh. He cleared the air by announcing that there are no ideological differences between the two parties. He doesn’t want to become a “pseudo-secularist”. He went on saying that he respects the Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

BJP Rajya Sabha MP GVL Narasimha Rao reacted positively to Pawan’s statement. He told media that their party would welcome the Jana Sena chief if he merges his party with BJP. “We asked Pawan to merge Jana Sena with BJP, before assembly elections. However, he didn’t respond positively,” informed Narasimha Rao.

Political analyst Prasada Reddy says that Pawan Kalyan’s move seems to be strategic. “BJP is trying to strengthen its base in Andhra Pradesh. It wants a solid vote bank. Therefore, it may join with Pawan Kalyan, as he has the Kapu community behind him. In contrast, there is a doubt whether people accept Pawan as a leader. He is not a strong personality. His language and body language may not be suitable to become a popular leader,” opined Prasada Reddy.

Durga Ramesh

One comment on "Is Pawan Kalyan tilting towards BJP to fill political vacuum in Andhra Pradesh?"

  • Chandrababu and his Chela Pawan Kalyan acting and talking like a drunken man on the street abusing the government and Chief Minister forgetting the fact what the scenario was after he took over as Chief Minister in 2014.
    When PV Narasimha Rao took over as Prime Minister of India, empty treasury of foreign cogency welcomed him. V.P. Singh as PM emptied foreign currency reserves. Same way Chandrababu emptied the treasury even after barrowing nearly two lakh crores, kept pending payment of bills for more than 40,000 crores. And, now he and his friend Pawan started heckling the present government, shamelessly.
    After Chandrababu took over as CM, he conducted elections to DCBs, Municipalities and Zilla Parishads. He used IPS and IAS officials as his house workers and forced the people elected on YSRCP in to the TDP fold. Even he did not left MLAs and MPs in this malaise act. He even inducted four in to his Cabinet. No respect for law is clear from these acts.
    Even the funds meant for MLAs were given to defeated TDP candidates instead of YSRCP elected MLAs. One YSRCP MLA, who was inducted in to his cabinet openly said that the percentages they get from the contracts will be shared equally with defeated TDP leader [in fact against the Minister] as advised by Babu. This showed how shamelessly looted the state exchequer and emptied the treasury as they knew very well that they are not going to be elected to form the government.
    We have seen blatantly misuse of power that caused the death of 29 pilgrims at Godavari Pushkaralu. Here the devotees were looted under the disguise of karmas to dead. This in fact runs in to thousands of crores, a share to TDP leaders. Here you need not pay any tax.
    His party leaders violated all norms abused in open the government officials including women officials. No action was taken against them instead defended their actions. This has happened basically because the print and electronic media was in his pocket. Pawan Kalyan and BJP are party to all these crimes committed by Chandrababu and his Troup. Forgetting this, Pawan Kalyan and Chandrababu non-stop abusing the Jagan.
    We all know Pawan Kalyan’s statements on the rape & murder of a young girl in Hyderabad – whole world raised their voice against this ghastly act by condemning and asking for severest punishment. It cast doubts whether he committed such crimes as an actor in the past – it is amply clear from his marriages? Government should look in to it. May be because of this he suddenly started praising Midi and denouncing Jagan!!! Why he is worried about Christians? He can start converting others in to Hinduism!!! He & Babu talks on TTD and religion. When politicians started building guest houses on the Tirumala, itself showed the sanctity of the Tirumala has gone to the wind!!!
    Pawan Kalyan making hue and cry on onions and tomatos, why his chela Chandrababu has done something to stop such problem. During his regime this was more accute problem. Farmers used to dump tomatos on the road. Pawan Kalyan did not said a word on that at any time.
    Let the government initiate CBI enquiry on the growth of assets of TDP leaders after 2014 elections to date. At least this will show where the money has gone during TDP rule. Here also look in to who invested in real estate in the Babu’s proposed new capital.
    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

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