Jamia incident fallout: Protests spread to Kashmir, students clash with police in Srinagar

By Ishfaq  Published on  17 Dec 2019 4:11 PM GMT
Jamia incident fallout: Protests spread to Kashmir, students clash with police in Srinagar

Srinagar: Violent protests rocked elite Islamia College of Science and Commerce on Tuesday when students clashed with police after they were stopped from leading a march against the Jamia Millia Islamia University incident on Sunday.

Scores of students assembled in Islamia College of Science and Commerce and tried to take to roads against the violence in Delhi, on Tuesday afternoon. Chanting slogans, “Stop brutalizing Students. We stand with the students of Jamia Millia University”, students tried to lead a protest march.

However, a posse of police immediately swung into action and fired teargas shells inside the campus. Police locked the main gate and did not allow the students to come out. Angry over the police action, students pelted stones on the cops which fired tear-smoke shells to disperse the mob.

Three prominent journalists, including Azan Javaid, Anees Zargar and Hakim Irfan were also thrashed by the police when they were discharging their professional duties.

A police official said they exercised maximum restraint despite students resorting to massive stone-pelting. “Situation was brought under control”, he said.

College administration blamed outsiders for the ruckus on the campus. “We have NEET facilitation centre in our college, and some outsiders might have sneaked into the college campus. Otherwise, everything was going on in a hassle-free manner. No student was involved in any untoward activity,” said a college teacher.

Union Territory government of Jammu and Kashmir on the other side has issue issued advisory asking students to use the social media cautiously.

“The students are further requested to use the social media cautiously and refrain from any such activity which can disturb peace and harmony,” the government said in a brief statement. “They are further advised not to pay heed to any of the rumours and are requested to contact on following numbers for assistance.”

The advisory issued by the Higher Education Department of the government has listed the names and cell phone numbers of the liaison officers at six places across India, who were appointed by the last government.

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