Fact Check: Janasena’s press note on suspending lone MLA Rapaka is fake

Hyderabad: After Lone MLA of Jana Sena Party, Mr.Rapaka Varaprasada Rao supported the ruling party’s three capital decision in the assembly on January 20, a press note is being circulated in the social media on Janasena letter-head.

The press note says that “After Rajole MLA Rapaka Varaprasad Rao supported the 3 capital decision of YSRCP party, even after Janasena party decided that it is going to vote against this decision. The proposal to suspend Rapaka was moved by Mr Thota Chandrasekhar, where all the members unanimously agreed to the decision. From now on, Janasena party is not responsible for any of his actions or words.” This note is signed by Pawan Kalyan.

Janasena Press Note Fakee


Fact Check:

There is no such official announcement by the party officials and also this press note has NOT been posted on any of the Jana Sena party’s social media accounts.

The social media wing of the party responded and rubbished off this news as FAKE. They even asserted that any news pertaining to the party will be first posted on the social media accounts of the party. They requested the members to cross-check any news on the party’s social media accounts first and then share them, also to contact the social media wing in case of any query.

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