Kaleshwaram project: Power dues in Aug at Rs 238cr

By Sreenivasa Rao Dasari  Published on  13 Sep 2019 5:40 PM GMT
Kaleshwaram project: Power dues in Aug at Rs 238cr

Warangal: The electricity bill of the TRS government’s prestigious venture Kaleshwaram Project is increasing by the month. The power bill dues to TSNPDCL in August alone were Rs237.63 crore. TSNPDCL is supplying power to the Kaleshwaram project, which is expected to irrigate one crore acres in Telangana state. The pump houses with mega motors at Kannepalli, Sundilla and Annaram, Nandimedaram, Ramadugu, Rajeshwar Rao PETA, Rampur are consuming HT services. The pump sets at seven places consumed electricity that gave a bill of Rs237.63 crore for August for the Kaleshwaram project. The Telangana government will pay this power bill to TSNPDCL.

The power bill at Kannepalli was Rs39.80 crore, Rs3.46 crore at Sundilla, Rs11.80 crore at Annaram, Rs100.27 crore at Nandimedaram and Rs81.44 crore at Ramadugu pump houses.

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