Kashmir at crossroads, will be a people’s movement: Iltija Mufti

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  28 Sep 2019 9:29 AM GMT
Kashmir at crossroads, will be a people’s movement: Iltija Mufti

Srinagar: Iltija Mufti, daughter of former chief minister Mehbooba Mufti said that Kashmir is on the verge of a humanitarian, economic and psychological crisis and yet it is being debated if it is normal.

Ms Iltija said that there is no question of normalcy in the region which is under ‘inhuman siege’ for almost two months now.

She said, “I have read terrible stories of how families haven’t been able to even inform their relatives when their loved ones had died. Grooms who have had harrowing experiences with security on the eve of their marriage. Kashmiris have been stripped of their right to even mourn the death of their loved ones or celebrate a happy occasion. Is this the new definition of normal?”

Ms Iltija Mufti said that she decided to approach the media and file a petition in court, after the government of India directed the state government to ensure that her mother Mehbooba Mufti was not allowed to meet or speak with the family.

She said, “We live in times when the people in this country and media fawn over the Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting his mother. But, behave like the proverbial ostrich, with its head in the sand, when it comes to thousands of children who have been illegally detained by this government.”

Ms Iltija Mufti said that she was overwhelmed to meet with her mother.

“As a daughter I will fight for my mother every hour, every day, until she comes home. But, what about the mothers of those kids who have been sent off to jails outside the state? Who are they supposed to approach?”

Iltija Mufti said, “I have reiterated several times, that I am not a politician or affiliated to any political party. But it is time, everyone regardless of their political leanings come together and unite for the people who are ‘suffering immensely’ in the state.”

Talking about the Hindi language issue she said that a few days ago we were told that Hindi would be compulsory. But this move was followed by a strong reaction from opposition parties especially the DMK in Tamil Nadu. Those clamouring for Hindi imposition had no choice but to retract their statements. Nothing is impossible.

She said that a political career is not a heirloom that was passed by Mufti Mohammad Sayeed to Mehbooba Mufti. Even the harshest detractors will admit, how both made a wonderful team. They built the PDP with sheer grit and hard work, at a time when most had written Mufti Sayeed’s political obituary.

“Most people who ask me about joining politics, don’t understand, that leaders are not made in the cosy confines of TV studios or by giving interviews. We have arrived at the crossroads in the history of J&K when this will largely be a people’s movement”, she said.

“It certainly is time for political parties in Kashmir to forego their differences and unite if they want to protect the state’s identity”.

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